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A demo for a game currently in development. All elements within (assets, animation, game play) are subject to alteration, but it will not change radically.

I've included the option to donate to the project on download, but that's completely optional and only if you are feeling generous.

Crowdfunding campaign TBA!

Priorities (for reviewers)

There's only one of me, so don't expect me to polish this thing to impossible standards. It's always going to be rough around the edges, unless I somehow manage to raise a fortune on Kickstarter (and I won't).

My high priorities:

  • Narrative
  • Balanced combat
  • An overall enjoyable experience
  • Pleasing aesthetics

Low priorities:

  • Flawless graphics
  • Highly polished animations
  • Foot IK
  • Perfectly orchestrated cinematic cutscenes (as nice as that would be, again, only one person)
  • Basically most things that are nice to have, but overly tough to accomplish at a $0 budget

Please keep these things in mind when reviewing. Indie games are always going to have some trade-offs, and these are mine.

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A pair of impoverished, monster hunting siblings gain magical powers during a chance encounter with a princess, and find themselves conscripted into a war.

Monster hunter siblings, Espra and Dunnell, are tracking a chimera when they cross paths with Olive, a young and stuck-up princess, who has summoned a god to give her magical abilities – a tradition in her lineage. When the god instead gives the magic to the hunters, she demands that they help her army to fight off an invading force.

Things look grim when the king passes away and the approaching army draws near. A distraught Olive goes to extreme lengths to turn the tide of the war – causing an unspeakable calamity.

A newly humbled queen, Olive gives up her throne and leaves her home, journeying with Espra and Dunnell to atone for her deeds – but for some, atonement may not be enough.


Olive Branches is an indie RPG video game currently in development by Owlish Media.

With gameplay modelled on Playstation 1 era Final Fantasy games, it aims to capture the simple nostalgia of the 90s paired with a more modern graphical look, and a deep, engaging narrative.

A sprawling game, it will have a large variety of places to explore, enemies to defeat, and treasures to collect. It will boast an estimated 20 hours of gameplay.

Themed on ancient Greek aesthetics and mythology, Olive Branches has a rich pool of history and legend from which to draw.

If you would rather watch a video than bother downloading the demo, please watch the video below:


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Latest Version for Windows (1.1) 677 MB
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Latest Version for Linux (1.1) 711 MB

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